Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information Resource
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What is allergy testing?
Which allergens will I be tested for?
Who can be tested for allergies?
What are specific types of allergy tests?
Hearing & Hearing Aids
How does hearing work?
What if I have a hearing loss?
What are the steps to be fit with a hearing aid?
What types of hearing aids are available?
Why should I get my hearing aids at The Feldman Hearing Studio?
Ear infections
What is tinnitus?
What could possibly cause tinnitus?
Ear Tubes – What should I expect?
Sinus & Nasal
What measures can be taken at home to relieve sinus congestion?
How effective are non-prescription nose drops?
When is sinus surgery necessary?
Why does a physician specialist carry out nasal endoscopy?
How common is sinusitis?
How is acute sinusitis treated?
What are the signs and symptoms of acute sinusitis?
What is sinusitis?
What are the signs and symptoms of chronic sinusitis?
What can be done about primary snoring?
What does sinus surgery accomplish?
Snoring & Sleep Apnea
What is Snoring?
What Is Sleep Apnea?
Head & Neck
What are some symptoms of head and neck cancer?
How is head and neck cancer diagnosed?
How is head and neck cancer treated?
What does the evaluation of a neck lump entail?
What causes a sore throat?
How does the doctor decide if I need antibiotics?
What kind of tests might be done?
What is a thyroid nodule, and how is it evaluated?
Why not just give everyone antibiotics?
What if my Doctor doesn’t give me anitbiotics?
What is an Otolaryngologist?